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Movies for Charity


A new film by Movies for Charity to benefit suicide intervention in children and young adults


An urgent message from Nickolas Harold Potter, Producer:


Movies for Charity, Inc. has halted all other activity to create, produce and distribute  a new feature film, MICROCOSM, to address the pandemic issue of suicide in children as young as five-years-old as well as teens and young adults.  We consider this issue to be a national and global emergency.

We hear all too often of mass shootings, in schools and elsewhere, and we are shocked.  I believe this new grave reality is slowly killing our spirit as a people, and we love to hate the perpetrators so that we have someplace to put our anger and grief and feelings of helplessness  and futility about a decaying sense of civilization.

The truth is that there is often a very thin line between the underlying causes of murder and those of suicide.  But we aren’t talking as a society about children murdering themselves because, frankly, it is too awful, … READ MORE!


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Please don’t hesitate to get involved.  Movies for Charity has been given the amazing privilege of acting immediately to begin addressing this tragedy on a massive scale and we will not hesitate to speak for those suffering who can’t speak for themselves.  I, myself, am traveling to Los Angeles to begin lifting this project off the ground.  But I need your help.  We have an IMMEDIATE NEED to raise pre-production funds in the amount of $8,871.00 for this project to get off the ground, and a total pre-production need of $48,995.40 by July 15th .

I thank you in advance, with love, for your assistance.  I know I can count on you.


Nickolas Harold Potter President & Chief Operating Officer

Nickolas Harold Potter President & Chief Operating Officer


It is Movies for Charity, Inc.’s mission to produce at least one fictional feature film per year and channel all excess revenue from the production and distribution of these fictional feature films to corresponding non-profits who are working on issues that are thematically related to the film.  Our donations are targeted toward education and research gifts to individual universities or private research facilities who meet strict education and research criteria.

We feel that producing and distributing entertaining films for public consumption that deal with medical and social issues in need of public awareness creates more of a win-win scenario for the cause at hand.  Traditionally, fictional feature films are seen by many more people in the general public than many documentary feature films, which gives us the opportunity to educate the public through entertainment so that they may become more aware of or involved in a problem needing attention.  It has been proven that educating people in an entertaining way is most successful for their retention of the information they’ve gleaned through the entertaining way the material has been presented.  Movies for Charity believes this is yet another way we might motivate people to become involved in helping others in need.

Additionally, as more people pay to see fictional, entertaining films than documentary films, a good deal more money can be generated and donated than through the traditional documentary model.  Movies for Charity, Inc. always has had a great deal of respect and admiration for documentary filmmakers. We are not in competition with documentary filmmakers, but rather applaud them.  Our mission is simply somewhat different, though we are always happy to work alongside our most respectable colleagues in the business of producing documentary films.

In other words, Movies for Charity, Inc. believes that currently more people become aware of a social or medical problem afflicting the people and animals of our world through traditional entertainment venues , and thus more money can be generated for education and research facilities to find solutions to those problems using fictional feature films which entertain, educate and most often yield higher revenues.


What is different about our mission than some other research and education-based non-profit organizations is that Movies for Charity, Inc. is not dedicated to a single cause, but, based on our trademarked business model, we are easily able to assist education and research-based non-profits across many different areas of education and research.  As referenced above, Movies for Charity, Inc. matches the donations it makes to education and research-based non-profits with the theme of the film.  For example, in 2017, Movies for Charity, Inc. could produce a dramatic feature film having to do with child abuse.  Revenues donated from that film would go to non-profits working through education and research to find solutions to help eradicate child abuse.  In 2018, Movies for Charity, Inc. may produce a film that deals with eating disorders.  Revenues from that film would go to non-profits working through education and research to find solutions to help eradicate that problem.

Movies for Charity, Inc. does not now, nor ever will have, a “favorite” cause.  We realize that the number of critical problems facing the people and animals of our world is currently overwhelming. When a script is written in-house, or acquired, that we feel will reach and educate the most people and generate the most revenue to be passed along, we choose that script and that cause for that year. The idea is to help as many people or animals in need as possible and to do it as quickly as possible.  We are one small company, but our desire and goal is always to make the largest positive impact that we possibly can.


Movies for Charity was founded by Nickolas Harold Potter in 2005 as a 501(c)(3) fictional feature film production company.  Before, Nickolas worked with the IRS to prove that a fictional feature film company could operate as a certified non-profit charitable organization, only documentary film production companies were offered non-profit or tax-exempt status. However, working within the state law of California with an attorney, Movies for Charity legally became the first fictional feature film production company to operate as a certified non-profit organization who uses revenues derived from fictional feature film production and distribution to fund philanthropic endeavors.

Funds from Movies for Charity, Inc. are used for research and education of social and health-related issues currently in need of support and/or public awareness.

It is now and always has been our belief that a great deal of excess revenue is generated with a successful fictional feature film and that such excess funds could and should be best put to use fighting troubling social and medical issues, such as cancer research as one example, facing American society and the world at large.  There are many ways to fight social and medical issues, all of which are important.  Movies for Charity is chartered to channel funds to other non-profits focusing on education and research.


Movies for Charity, Inc. is undergoing an exciting time of renewal as many board members are moving on to other important causes and technology has created different and more cost-effective ways to produce films.

Nickolas Harold Potter remains overseeing the daily operations of Movies for Charity, Inc. and are excited to announce and introduce our new esteemed Board of Directors in the very near future.


If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to Movies for Charity, Inc., please contact us using our Contact Form Here